Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping Services

Northwest Landscape Group offers comprehensive residential landscaping maintenance and lawn care programs, along with landscaping design and installation expertise to enhance your outdoor living environment.

With over 20 years of creativity and service, our team can transform your yard into a beautiful garden or private retreat by bringing the comforts of home into an outdoor living space through our design and installation services.

Call Northwest today – we are ready to serve residential communities and neighborhoods in Marietta, Roswell and north metro Atlanta.

Services to Enhance Your Landscaping

A la carte services to help enhance your landscaping and keep it looking its best year round include the following:

  • Seasonal color in spring & fall to existing beds or creation of new color beds
  • Mulching of bed areas with pine straw, color dyed wood or natural mulches
  • Aeration & seeding for fescue lawns in early fall.

Landscaping Maintenance Programs

We provide full service landscaping maintenance and lawn care programs for residential homeowners. Our services are quoted based on the needs and size of your property, along with the amount of time required to keep your landscaping looking it’s best year round.

Our landscaping maintenance program is a 12 month contract with year round visits and includes the following:

  • Weekly mowing, trimming, & edging of hard and soft bed lines
  • Hand pruning and hedge sheering on compact plant materials
  • Hand weed removal and spot weed in beds and along hard surface area
  • Scheduled lawn weed control and, lawn & plant fertilization applications
  • Leaf removal and blowing during the fall and early winter season
  • Heavy pruning is applied during the mid and late winter months to selective ornamentals and ground covers, along with keeping your landscaping free of weeds and falling debris. These services are calculated and combined into a yearly total for all services and then divided in 12 equal monthly payments.

Landscape Design & Installation

Our landscape designs begin with a property evaluation and consultation to hear your ideas, needs and goals. We then sit down with you and hammer out a landscape design that will be just what you were looking for. Together we will determine what will ultimately work best with the space, property topography, and within your budget. If a comprehensive landscaping design is not what you need – no problem. We offer a range of services to accent your existing landscaping with additional plant materials, hardscapes, water features, decks, arbors & pergolas, and landscape lighting to provide a complete landscape design and renovation.

Hardscape Design & Installation

Most of our projects focus on a hardscape feature which serve as the visual anchor in today’s landscape designs. Hardscapes are made up of just that, hard landscaping materials. The hardscape is a fixed in-place portion of a project, and it will not change in shape or size for many years or decades, just like your house. These areas are made up of materials such as concrete, concrete pavers, concrete & modular block, natural & faux stone, rocks & boulders, and even wood. These areas always look there best when the right choice of plant material are incorporated in the design.

Once your hardscape concept is determined, Northwest will then incorporate selective plant materials that will work best to enhance and complement the hardscape. We value the input of our clients for the plant material they like best, and we incorporate those into the design as lighting and soil conditions allow. This ultimately creates what we refer to as a complete outdoor living space or outdoor living area. Plant materials can include trees, shrubs, and ground covers which are best suited for our southern climate and zone. They are chosen for shape, texture, and color, then placed appropriately within the design.

LED Landscape Lighting

The perfect lighting for your landscape is just a phone call and a short conversation away. Subtle lighting on a patio or deck extends entertaining, playing, and relaxation time into the night. Trees, plant material, and walking paths create a magical effect illuminated with low-voltage lighting.

LED landscape lighting can change the appearance of your landscape, creating an almost magical ambiance. Evenings and nights are the times when people gather most often, joining together for meals or simply to unwind after a long day. With top quality exterior lighting design, we can turn the exterior of your property into a popular space.

A beautiful landscape should be enjoyed as much at night as in the daytime. In that quiet moment after the sun sets, you and your family can relax in the garden and spend some time together. With outdoor lighting, you can transform your property into a nighttime landscape that enthralls every viewer.

For professional landscape lighting in Marietta, GA, contact the experienced specialists at Northwest Landscape Group.

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